Feeling Florida

So this week, I asked my editor, Erin Liles, to help out. She recently went on an awesome trip to Florida. Since Touching the Heart is set up in the Sunshine State, I could not pass the occasion to ask her to tell us all about her trip. If you want editing services, please check her out on her website at A Perfect Word Editing.

So without further ado, I give you Erin!

With Touching the Heart, the latest book by Martine Lewis, set in Florida, I thought it would be fun to give you all a little taste of what the state has to offer. My family and I recently rented an RV and trekked our way to none other than Disney World, and we got to see some of the sunshine state along the way.

Our home for the week!

Is it just me or does everyone sing Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” while taking a road trip?

After driving through half of Texas, all of Louisiana, and then Alabama, our first Florida stop was Grayton Beach, which is near Destin on the Gulf side. Wow, this beach was spectacular! Warm, clear emerald and turquoise water and sugar sand.

And as our toes nestled in the sand beneath the ocean waters, we discovered live sand dollars galore!

Next stop, Orlando. I thought much of Florida would be covered in palm trees, but it turns out that the more interior cities have lots of great big pine trees. Our campsite also sported wild turkeys, deer, and bats. And at night, I could hear the sound of an owl hooting in a tree above our RV. Not exactly a lullaby, but cool nonetheless.

Of course, our trip to Disneyworld could be a post all its own, but here are a few pictures from the famous parks. We visited the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom was a crowded park!

Disneyworld is all about feeling the magic, and my fifteen-year-old teen daughter was feeling it!

Simba, is that you?

After three days at the theme parks, we headed east to Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach where the sand was a bit more like cocoa, hence the name I guess, than the Gulf’s sugar sand. Cocoa, sugar, it’s all good to me. But what can I say, I have a sweet tooth, or should I say beach foot?

Of course, no road trip is complete without a visit to the Waffle House where you can get good, old-fashioned diner food. Can you say Mel’s Diner?

On the way home, we stopped in Destin on the Gulf side, and my husband and I took an early morning swim before getting back on the road.

♪On the road again…♪

Our road trip lasted about eight days, and yet there was, of course, so much we didn’t see or do. Florida is a big state! But, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little taste of it.

For me, I’m ready to go back to the beach, cast off my flip flops, and stick my toes in the sand.

Erin Liles is a writer and editor with In a Perfect Word Editing.