And so it Begins!

Writing a book – well a series in my case – is a great adventure. It demands patience, ideas, more patience, and dedication. But writing the book is sometimes not the hardest part.

Setting the author platform is. 

Today, I have taken a big step toward establishing my identity as an author. I’ve created my author Facebook page and I’m writing my first blog entry. I have to admit, the idea of doing all the social media thing is daunting, scary and downright terrifying to me.

I know right now I only have one person on my reader’s list, and four likes on Facebook, but I will persevere! I believe in my books and stories, I believe in what I do, and hopefully, someday soon, I will have hundreds and even thousands of likes on Facebook and as many people on my reader’s list.

So, let’s see how I do in a year from now 🙂