Finally! It’s Here!!

I have wanted to share this with you for so, so long, but I had to wait for the official release.

So, here it is! The cover of my first book.

Aren’t they wonderful?

I have to thank a lot of people for this, the first of which are my wonderful models, Lexi and Damen. They gave life to Lily and Malakai in such a wonderful way.

I also have to thank John E. Faught, my photographer extraordinaire, and Andrea Schutter Riebeling, my very talented makeup artist.

Let’s not forget my wonderful photoshop specialist, Nicholas, who made everybody look so perfect.

And of course, L.J. at Mayhem Cover Design for putting all this together and making the cover alive.

Finally, I want to thank Carol at Promo Star Services for organizing the blog release.

Yeah, I know, I sound like I’m at the awards, don’t I? But there was so much work put into this, it wouldn’t be fair of me to not thank anybody.

So, without further ado, here is this wonderful cover!

Crossing the Barrier Rev 09