Photographer Extraordinaire John E. Faught

Behind the book cover, there is always the picture. And to have a picture, you need a photographer. In my case, I got lucky. I had John E. Faught! 

For a while, I had been working with the marvelous John in my regular day job (the one I like to think of “the-thing-I-do-to-pay-for-my-writing”), sitting right next to me, day after day, for close to two years. I know him first and foremost for the wonderful person he is, generous, kind, attentive (mind you, he wouldn’t agree with me but it’s true). I also knew he was a photographer – we talked about it some and he took photos around the office – but what I didn’t know was how talented he really was.

It was always my intent to have my own models of teens on my book cover. I didn’t want to have a stock photo that you could see on another cover. I wanted all my photos to be exclusive to me and no-one else.

Of course, things didn’t quite go as planned and the photoshoot had to be postponed. The problem was compounded when my photographer at the time couldn’t do the shoot before mid to late November. With all the work we had to do, I couldn’t afford waiting that long. So I found myself with all my models and no photographer. I was desperate and, as I was eating breakfast with John like we did most mornings, I was telling him all about it. And he offered to do the photos for me, at his friendly rate, no less.


I had a photographer again!

One who could work with my schedule.

And one my cast completely loved! They actually thought John was pretty cool, and he is!

So, we took photos on November 1, and all went so well, we finished way before our anticipated completion time. And you know what, when I saw the pictures a couple days later, I was floored in a totally good way. They were SO SO GOOD! The ideas he had are the photos I picked for the covers, believe it or not! His ideas were a LOT better than mine! He saw my vision better than me! It’s completely amazing, really, to have this person who actually can “feel” how things should look.

And the rest is, well, NOT history! Not yet…

The first book cover is coming out on January 10, 2016, and there will be 5 other covers, plus a lot of other promo materials and website posts. I cannot wait for you to see it all.

But, first, I need to show you what John can do.

Below are some of his work.

And he has a website too:

Please take a minute and go see some other work he’s done. He is really great!

And LISTEN TO HIM! He knows more what you want then you probably ever will!!!